How to make an elevated dog bed with ramp using wood and pocket screws. DIY guide.

I made this elevated bed for our dogs, here's how: 

This is for a small-ish dog. Adjust yours accordingly. I bought a bed and measured this  to fit around it.


Materials (this is what I used, you can use whatever wood and change the lengths to fit your bed/space):

qty 2 - cedar 8'x1"x4"

qty 1 - cedar 8'x2"x6"

qty 1 - 2'x4' sheet of hardboard

qty a bunch - appropriately sized pocket screws (read the package to figure out what you need)


Cut a length of the 2x6 cedar. This will be the outside width of your bed, mine is about 2' (I don't really measure things).

I used a trim router with a 1/8" round over bit to clean up the edges then sanded it.


Rip the remaining 2x6 board to make it look kind of like this. I did this on a table saw, then routed the edges and sanded. On the left is my top headboard piece, the pieces on the right will be used to make the legs.


Legs cut to length.

I made the larger legs a few inches longer in order to make the headboard/platform thing to sit stuff on. You can make that whatever height you want.

2 of each length are needed.


Figure out how long you want your bed to be. Lay your pieces out like this and cut a 1x4 to fit between the legs. Cut 2 of these, one for the other side.


Add pocket holes to both ends of the 1x4's and one end of the long legs.

You need the pieces shown in this picture x 2

3 pieces for each side. Make sure they match.


Screw them together. I measured up from the bottom of each leg (the bottom of the large legs are the ends without pocket holes. Pocket holes go at the top.) in order to make sure the height was consistent and the bed would end up being level.


Do the same thing, but opposite. When you have both sides done and lay them together the pocket holes should face inward.


Attach the top piece to one side.


Attach the other leg.


Flip it over. Its actually starting to look like something now! Cut a piece of 1x4 to fit between the small legs. Try to keep things relatively square.


Like this.


Held together with more pocket screws. I like being able to disassemble it so I don't glue or anything else.


Flip it back over and add a 1x4 between the large legs, under the top piece.


Cut some cross members that will hold the bed up. Screw them into each side. I didn't even bother sanding these because they will be under the hardbard.


I made 3 of them and screwed them on.


There it is.


I didn't even have to cut the hardboard. Cut yours to fit if you need to and just sit it in place.


Add bed(I got this at the store.. shhhh) and you're done!


I finished mine with a little paste finishing wax (I rubbed it on with a shop towel), but this isn't really necessary. It would be perfectly fine unfinished, painted, or whatever else.


Put it wherever you want and put things on it (phone, books, lamps, noise machines).


Very jazzy.


Force your dog to use it while he is distracted by something out the window.






Wait, what about Wuff?


BUNK BEDS?! This is too much, you're just getting ridiculous now. (Wuff was not willing to participate in today’s photoshoot.) 

Wait a minute, Jerry can't jump that high (he can jump onto the bed, but he's pretty lazy. j/k.. he’s very in shape and jogs daily).


Why don't we just add a ramp while we are at it.


I used scrap to build it and covered it in carpet.


I took some old aluminum strips and bent them to hook over the edge. It can easily lift off and be used on any side of the bed.


Thats it.
Now it’s actually done.


Your dog will use it for a few days, then just end up back in your bed hogging all the blankets. Jerry uses the ramp all the time, but only sleeps in the bed once in a while.


Check back later for more random projects that will probably all end up being dog related...


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